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World’s first open source mechanical Swiss watch movement


The deadline for finding donors to support the prototype and homologation phase was 31.5.2021. Until then, a good half but not all the necessary donors have come together to allow the prototype series to be made. However, there is still a great deal of interest expressed, as well as the wish to have more time to make a decision. Now we have redrafted the information and we here is the second deadline to reach the funding goal: End 2021.

openmovement – open source

openmovement is an association dedicated to the development of new basic watch movements along open source principles.

These pages are in English only for the time being, we ask for the understanding of all French and German speakers.

Also we are building a new platform to promote exchange within the openmovement community. Sign up for the newsletter to be noticed when it’s online.

More than 600 users & members around the world

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We are writing a new chapter in the history of Swiss Watchmaking.

Join us in writing it!

2021 is a key year for openmovement and we are excited about the future! We are preparing the financing of the prototype and homologation phase of OM10 MAN.

Get one of the first prototypes in the form of a unique watch on your wrist!

Become a sponsor and write this new chapter of watchmaking with us! Now the new deadline for our funding goal is set: Dezember 31 2021. Read the document. And, get in touch with us now.

Download the 3D data of OM10

This is the first open source mechanical Swiss watch movement in the world that you can download for free. This is possible thanks to the members of the openmovement association. You too can choose to register as a user or become a member.


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