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1 month 2 days ago

Avec une intervention de openmovement, 18 novembre 2021:


2 months 2 weeks ago

From Instagram openmovement_watchmaking: This is an image of the location of the OM10 dial fixing holes with an excerpt from the NIHS 40-31 standard overlaid.


5 months 1 week ago

From Instagram openmovement_watchmaking: In a mechanical movement, energy is stored in the torsion spring housed in the barrel (1). Torque is then released from the


6 months 6 days ago

From Instagram openmovement_watchmaking The two images show how hand setting friction is controlled differently between the industrial and artisanal configurations of OM10. The highlighted sub-section


6 months 1 week ago

Discover the wheel work of OM10 from the barrel to the escapement. We made the design choice of not using a center wheel for this


6 months 3 weeks ago

Detailed view of our keyless work design (rendering). The function of the keyless work is to wind the barrel, set the time and date. For


7 months 3 days ago

Did the first data package convince you? Now a second one is already available for download. Download the new version and discover the possibility of

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